free Delivery

Call us at 541-991-3751 to place your order.
Our friendly staff will help you with any question you have.
All orders are COD.
Must be 21 or over to order.

Max quantity that can be ordered – Flower: Medical 1.5lb Recreational: 1oz, Extracts/Concentrates: 5g

We can only deliver within Florence city limits. Must provide valid I.D. upon delivery

We accept orders between 8:00am to 9:00pm. No deliveries after 9:00pm

You can also use the form to order your cannabis for delivery.

Once you have submitted you order we will review it and we will contact you to finalize order

Florence City Limits Map

Delivery Order Form

Please provide the name of all products you would like along with the weight or volume
reCAPTCHA is required.

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